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Behind each invitation is an organized artist who makes the design process easy for you.

I specialize in watercolor paintings, calligraphy, and line-drawn illustration, all created in-house with my own two hands to build original, cohesive designs.

I deeply value the relationships I build with my clients throughout our work together, and I take great pride in making the process easy and fun for couples. Consider me your creative director, artist-in-residence, project manager, etiquette expert, and envelope stuffer. I take on a limited number of clients so that I can be fully hands-on through each step of the process. All you have to do is sit back, and watch the paper magic unfold. 

I'm a unique blend of left- and right-brained; I thrive in balancing my creativity with organization and efficiency. (I'm an enneagram 1.) This dates back to my elementary school days, where my habit of replicating computer fonts within my notebooks was born. In high school, my art projects always involved complex math and meticulous planning. While studying supply chain management in college, I discovered calligraphy pens, and the rest is history. 

I live in Chicago (the great city in which I was born & raised) in a beautiful, Victorian-style apartment with my fiancé, Andrew. My Wicker Park studio window overlooks the park, providing plenty of natural light, organic inspiration, and above all: dog watching.

Hi! I'm Nora.

I am passionate about breathing life into beautiful celebrations before they've even begun.

when I'm not in the studio,

you can probably find me...

Hiking with my family

One of our latest adventures was the hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc, through France, Switzerland, and Italy. (We love Type 2 Fun!)

on a run

My morning ritual, even in Chicago winter! I'll always stop to take photos of a good sunrise, or admire my neighbor's seasonal lawn animal displays.

in my apartment

Admittedly, I'm a total homebody. I love curling up on the couch to catch up on my favorite YouTube channels, or re-watch Great British Bake-Off.

I believe in contributing to a more just, equitable, and peaceful society. I am committed to serving, affirming, and celebrating love of all kinds.

I believe in our collective responsibility to this beautiful planet. I am committed to reusing packaging, recycling scrap paper, and minimizing the amount of waste that my business produces. 

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